Products and Services

Products and services are counseling through donated time from professional counseling centers with a caring staff. We provide food and clothing donated by sponsors who have given compassionately from their hearts. We have charity events where many people volunteer to help those in need. Events are available here.

Healing Hearts Foundation Inc. Mission

Healing Hearts Foundation Inc. is a ministry organization established for public purposes and for the good of the community and our nation. Our mission is to provide all people hope, healing, and restoration for their mind, body, and spirit needs. We are committed to giving our best efforts to provide aid and counseling to people of all ages that have been hurt through abuse, divorce, death, loneliness, illness, etc. We will reach these populations by providing love and care through visitations of the sick and shut-in. Providing food and clothes as well as information for other organizations that we network with or just offering emotional support.

Our Vision

Is to be at the forefront of campaigning for the cause of the outcast, poor, and hurting people in our communities. Also, to ensure the alleviation of poverty through events that will bring awareness to the masses in our society of the needy and less privileged who do not have a voice. A voice that is not heard shouted by one standing alone. But can be heard through many working together.

Our Goal

    • Empower


    • Restore


    • Self Discovery


Our core values

Is to show compassion, with a genuine desire to help others and care for those in need. We have a strong commitment and dedication to bring about a change for the downtrodden, broken-hearted, and less fortunate. To help change the sound of hate and poverty to a rhythm of love played in our world one heartbeat at a time.